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Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop, Zero Waste Solution for Coffee Shops, Cafe Bars, Restaurants, Hotels & Local Businesses in Fife, Edinburgh & the Lothians

We at Ecobean supply a sustainable coffee initiative with a difference to independent coffee shops, cafe bars, restaurants, hotels and local businesses.

With over 500,000 tons of waste coffee grounds being disposed of in landfill in the UK each year, it is essential that we divert as much from landfill as possible.  This will reduce the levels of methane and CO2 emissions created.

To enable our customers to become truly ZERO waste, we can offer a delivery and collection service that will allow our foodservice customers to receive their coffee in reusable "eco tubs" as well as used grounds collection tubs too.  Each time you have a fresh delivery, the used coffee is collected at the same time.  Reducing our impact on the planet as well as your waste costs .

This zero waste solution means that you can enjoy the great taste of freshly roasted coffee comfortable in the knowledge that no waste has been produced, but actually reduced.

We have a wide selection of coffees suitable for restaurants, hotels and independent high street cafes of all sizes. We strive to select only the best beans for each and work with all our customers to ensure every aspect of their coffee business runs like clockwork from the delivery to the serving of the coffee.

From brewed coffee to espresso we’re convinced we have the perfect taste to suit you and your customers taste. We also have a range of teas, hot chocolates & many more café products so there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

So if like us you are passionate about great coffee contact us today using the form below and we’ll be glad to arrange a visit or discuss your options.


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