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SCA 86 Cerrado Mineiro Region

Tasting Notes: Fruity and dark chocolate notes

São Luiz Estate is a coffee farm that's both steeped in history, and embraces modernity; with a centuries old agricultural tradition, and more than five decades in the coffee industry. The team at São Luiz Estate are blazing a trail in a young Brazilian coffee producing region, Cerrado Mineiro. Manoel Velloso dos Reis; a visionary, took over his father's land and imagined the potential for a new business: coffee in the 1960s. Later, his son Fausto do Espírito Santo Velloso, began investing in quality coffee.
Currently, Fausto's daughter, Ana Cecilia Velloso is managing the farm. She started her career in coffee in 2014, but the DNA of coffee farming is already in her family. His grandfather is one of the pioneers who explored the Cerrado Mineiro region to plant coffee in the late 1970s in Carmo do Paranaíba, in the state of Minas Gerais. Ana Cecília, in addition to being a producer, is responsible for selling the family's specialty coffees.
There are 350 hectares that produce about 13 thousand bags a year, 50% of the annual production of high quality coffees. Ana Cecília recognizes that the quality of her coffee depends on the excellent characteristics of the Cerrado Mineiro Region and is also the result of the work of a committed team and a passion for the production of specialty coffees. Some employees of the post-harvest team have been working with the family for 20 years, always training and modernizing their concepts.
The family coffee was already the champion in the Peeled Cherry category in 2013 and 2017 of the Cerrado Mineiro Region Award.

The Cerrado Mineiro Region is a world recognized high quality coffee producing origin - the first “Designation of Origin” in Brazil, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State.Having well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer and a pleasantly dry winter - is a strong characteristic of the region. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters, the result being high quality coffees with a unique identity.
The coffees are “Origin and Quality Guaranteed” by the Cerrado Mineiro Region - D.O. Regulatory Board.

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