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Costa Rica Tarrazu

Growers Cup Collection


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REGION:              San Marcos de Tarrazú
ALTITUDE:           Above 1,350 msl
PROCESS:           Wet fermentation then sun dried

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate and Almonds

Clean, lively winey acidity, medium body, chocolate, almonds, citrus note


Tarrazu, Costa Rica – the surfer’s paradise of Central America is a fairly small tropical rainforest nation bordered to the east and west by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively. To the north lies Nicaragua, and to the South the Isthmus of Panama.

Costa Rica, unlike some of its Latin American neighbours, has enjoyed a relatively peaceful and stable transition from Colonial Spanish rule to successful independent nation. Tourism features highly on its foreign exchange earners index, as do banana and coffee exports. It is also recognised as one of the most Environmentally Sustainable countries in the world.

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